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Finding your Perfect Cup is a noble and delicious quest, and I will be happy to help guide you through. By finding the ideal preparation method, we can help you discover your Perfect Cup.

The Perfect Cup of Specialty Colombian Coffee Every Time
Ethically sourced flavorful Colombian coffee roasted, brewed and prepared to curate an authentic Colombian Café experience.

The Mi Cartagena Coffee Journey

The perfect cup of coffee and the ultimate Colombian coffee experience begins back in the lush lands of the Colombian countryside. The goal here is to brew and serve each cup steeped in the delicious balance of fragrance, body, and acidity.

Grown in the North, Central, and South regions of the country, coffee from each corner possesses its own uniqueness. Each experience is as authentic as sitting at a road-side café in the middle of Bolívar.

Mi Cartagena strived to create the same experience in the center of Minnesota. To bring you back to ‘mi Colombia tierra querida”, we obtain specialty organic coffee from local growers.

Our Specialty Coffee

Mi Cartagena uses and sells  specialty coffee so you can enjoy the uniqueness of flavor,
scent, and overall taste and transport yourself to Colombia with just one sip.

The journey of the coffee begins with farmers growing the beans in the right region, chosen for its perfect climate, altitude, and moisture. With consistent care, close observation, and upkeep, the coffee is set to thrive.

When the coffee cherries are ripe, the farmers handpick them, collecting the delicious coffee beans within the fruit. From there, the beans are dried and transported to their respective facilities, ready to be sent further for coffee enthusiasts to enjoy.

Orchestrating the Symphony of Java

As you walk through the doors in Mi Cartagena, the thick aroma of our specialty coffee will greet you like an old friend. In an instant, you will be surrounded by the vibrant and lively culture of Colombia.

Packed with healthy antioxidants and nutrients and with the potential to stimulate metabolism, we make sure that you experience the goodness of coffee along with the taste. You can enjoy the delectable and exquisite flavor and the heady aroma of Colombian Coffee prepared in the following ways:

Drip Coffee

Ground specialty coffee made the classic way with slow pouring hot water, creating a bold, smooth and rich cup of coffee. At Mi Cartagena, we use the Chemex and pour over  to bloom and brew your steaming cup of coffee.

French Press

The French Press or cafetière à piston emboldens the uniqueness of Colombian coffee. Fresh grounds, hot water, and a few minutes to let the coffee bloom into its full-bodied flavor, and you end up with a smooth cup of coffee within 4 to 5 minutes.


For those with a penchant for the caffeinated shot of espresso, we can create a cup compacted with the best coffee Colombia has to offer.


This is one for the brave who dare to go even stronger than a shot of espresso. The same amount of coffee but with less water – that is sure to wake you up!

Tools of the Trade

Is a classic ceramic container used with a paper filter placed in its mouth, creating the perfect drip coffee within 4 to 6 minutes.


Coffee pots are as simple as they come. With a paper filter at the top, the mechanism uses air pressure to bloom and brew a delicious cup of coffee in 1 minute.

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